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Delivery Models

Following are the ways in which we deliver services:

  • On Site Delivery: In this model, consulting professionals are deployed at client site, so that both you as well as the consulting team can proceed with the execution of the project at maximum speed.
  • Hybrid Delivery: In this model, consulting professionals participate in the initial data gathering and understanding of business requirements by interacting directly with you. This is followed by off-shore development of outputs. Team developing output would then present draft end-deliverables to you and gather feedback before finalizing them.
  • Off-Shore Delivery: In this model, the client as well as engagement output does not require the physical presence of a consulting professional.

    The work is performed at offshore locations by our consultants under the supervision of senior consulting professionals. The  consultants work in  close co-ordination with the on-location team to ensure that the business requirements are fully understood, deadlines are adhered to and that the final deliverables meet the requirements.

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